S.A.T. (Servicio de asistencia técnica)

Asistencia Técnica (En sus instalaciones, en nuestro Taller)

Servicio a Domicilio (sus instalaciones)

Disponemos de una flota de furgones, Furgón Taller, completamente equipados para que sus máquinas estén atendidas en las mejores condiciones.

Calidad en las Reparaciones

Equipos materiales y humanos previamente avalados.

Recambios y Accesorios

En nuestro almacén disponemos de un amplio stock en recambios para facilitar la asistencia.

Recambio Multimarca.

Todo tipo de accesorios para carretillas, volteadores, púas, ruedas, dispositivos de seguridad, accesorios para adecuar su carretilla a la normativa vigente.

Realizamos estudios personalizados según las necesidades de cada cliente.

Personal cualificado con el Curso Básico AEQT-AEST

Disponemos en nuestro Equipo Humano, de personal cualificado y certificado con el CURSO AEQT/AEST Inicial Básico, y poder llevar a cabo, como bien indica la legislación vigente, un correcto mantenimiento en las empresas del ámbito de la Industria Química.


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Alquiler / Renting

We conducted a thorough detailed study of the needs of use and application.

We have a range of technologically handlers according to the normatives in force concerning safety.

The formula for rent short / long term lets have available a wheelbarrow tailored to your needs and for your time.

Renting (rent to own) a formula of interesting financing for small and medium companies.

We offer customers the possibility of dealing in shares the cost of the investment, becoming (if exercise option purchase) owners of the property to end the contract.


Safety Course lift truck operators.

As Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks 31/95 Articles 18-19 Entrepreneur collected must ensure that all workers receive adequate training and information regarding the specific risks of the job as well as measures protection to be taken, this training must have a theoretical and practical nature, likewise the RD1215 / 97 on the minimum health and safety requirements established by the use by workers of work teams in Article 3 highlights the need for the worker receives adequate specific training in the use of work equipment. Since November 2011 all workers using forklifts are required to receive training and education, taught by competent technicians, about CRITERIA FOR DRIVER TRAINING EQUIPMENT AUTOMOTORS collected at RD 1215/97. In this sense and with the intention of providing businesses with an integrated service * Carretillas del Segrià, S.L. and * GESTINSA Prevention Service (accredited by the Department of No Work * SP001 / 04 * LL) have planned a multidisciplinary training program developed by Higher Technicians in Occupational Risk Specialists and handling. The course is aimed at operators working with lift trucks and is a course of theoretical and practical training.

Request a quote we can adapt schedules and needs.



Who can bring a forklift? You have to remember that the operating personnel is responsible for managing these teams AUTOMOTORS work. Therefore, in the way they work will depend, in large measure, the correct execution of the tasks and minimizing risk situations that may occur. Because of this attitude are essential and adequate training.
These personnel need to satisfy certain requirements:
• Be at least 18 years.
• Have a certificate of medical fitness, where their adequacy and the absence of disabling physical limitations to perform this task is established.
• Have a written authorization by the company regarding the use of the equipment.
• Provide theoretical, practical sufficient and appropriate training to team leading.



Reacondicionamiento de máquina


-Realizamos un cheking para averiguar el material a sustituir.
-Se desmonta la máquina completamente dejando chasis por un lado y motor y accesorios por otro.  
-Se realiza limpieza a fondo.
-La máquina se enmasilla, lija y pinta. Estado como nuevo.

Se vuelve a montar todo: chasis, accesorios etc. , se hacen pruebas varias de funcionamiento. 

Lista para ser entregada


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